Frequently asked questions:

1. Do you offer airbrush makeup?

A: I do not currently offer this type of application. I do carry a variety of professional grade complexion products, making all levels of long-wearing coverage achievable, in either a matte or natural finish.

2.  I usually don't wear much make-up, but I want to wear a little more for photos. Is a natural look achievable?

A: Yes, absolutely! Every look is customized during consultation and while the make-up is being applied.  I ask clients to be honest with me about what they like (and don't like). I will continue to ask questions throughout our session as well as at the end before we call the look "final." Most importantly, I want you to feel like yourself, just a little extra special than a usual day!

3. Do you offer trials?

A: For brides who have already booked and paid their deposit, I offer an optional makeup trial at a discounted rate. All trial sessions include 20 miles of complimentary travel, 15-20 minutes of consultation, 1 full-face makeup look, and option of lashes. Please allow 2 hours this session as it will come with the ability to make changes, ask questions, and work together to design your look. 

4. Aren't trials normally free?

A: No, they are not. Some artists charge more for the bride and "include" a trial. I prefer to make this optional and have chosen to offer a special session as a perk for brides. During a trial, the client receives extensive consultation and attention to detail as well as an extended session time.

5. I have sensitive skin, how can I be sure the products you use wont cause irritation?

A: I understand your concern completely. In regards to the sensitivity of your skin, are there any certain  ingredients or brands you know that irritate it? If so, please let me know when you request a booking and we will revisit during consultation. I do my best to carry a variety of products to accommodate different skin colors, types, and sensitivities. Both liquid and powder mineral foundations are available, as well as natural products, non-comedogenic, and non-acnegenic.

6. Do you style hair also?

A: Yes, I offer hair styling for single client bookings and smaller groups. Pricing varies based on length of hair and desired style.

7. How much time does it take to have my makeup done?

A: 1 hour is needed for a full-face makeup session. Bridal full-face sessions are extend by 20 minutes. When planning your getting ready time, please factor in time for set up and clean up (about 30 minutes total). A timeline will be required for all group bookings which will include buffer time between each session.

8. How can I book and do you need a deposit?

A: You can book by using the contact form on the "Home" page. Please use this form to give me the date of the session you would like to book, and the address of the location where makeup would be done. These are important factors in your booking/pricing. A deposit is required to book your date and secure discounted trial pricing for brides. The deposit (or booking fee) is half the total for services, this will hold your date and the amount of time needed per session. The deposit for booking is non-refundable and will go toward the services you schedule. It cannot be applied to future services if you cancel the booking.

*Contact form is currently disabled, no bookings available at this time.





More FAQ's and answers to come! for business inquiries only. No bookings available through 2017.